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If I were to look through a different world,
I could see you smiling softly,
Your hand stroking something orange-furred and sleeping.

On your left is a golden-eyed tabby,
Her tail striped with three dark rings,
Her whiskers long and patience thin,
But heart, greater than the sun.

Sitting there beside you,
Is what I feel to be…
In this alternate world,
Where spirits run true,
That is where I am…

I look up to you,
I feel for you,
I forgive your every sway,
And I feel envious of this other realm,
Every breaking day.

Because if I were to be what I am.
I'd be with you most afternoons,
You'd come home and I'd be there waiting,
Waiting just for you.

And around my neck would be a ribbon,
Golden with my name,
And you smile as you placed your palm upon my brow,
And chuckle when I purred.

I am often envious of this other realm,
Where spirits run as they are true,
Because what my therian side is telling me,
Is that I belong with you
Rrysva Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very emotional and beautiful. I'm speechlessy.
topazcat511 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
aw ^_^ thanks
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